After years spent traveling the globe and meeting our fans, Wattzit2ya is back for good, ready to rock and to record more hits that will shake the planet.

 This year you can expect:

  • New Albums
  • New Songs
  • New Events
  • New Videos
  • New Pictures
  • More Rock!


There are many upcoming shows and we would love to see you there. Being one of our fans is a rewarding experience, full of musical ecstasy and ear orgasms. We produce high-quality level music for everybody. Whether you are 17 or 77, we have something in store for you.

Several musical styles have been blended together to create some kind of unique mixture with incredible flavor. You’ve never heard or seen anything like that before.

You can book the band by sending us an email at

We also have created a mailing list for those of you who want to be regularly updated and receive offers, news, and exclusive songs from time to time.

Our band is one of the coolest around and we have a growing number of loyal fans following us around and spreading the word about our music.

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Our influences range from Led Zeppelin to Tupac, Mozart and everything in between. We have eclectic tastes that make our music an interesting mix that welcome all influences and cultures in its midst.

We are primarily a group of high school friends who love music, groove and good times. Jamming all night and eating nachos all night is our thing. Sharing our music with a bigger crowd is our dream and we also would love to create our own bar.

Many projects are in the works and we now want to quit our jobs and dedicate most of our time to playing music, creating new songs and finally releasing the new album that our fans have been waiting for so long. It will be called Job-Killing 4.0 and will feature Eminem and Enrique Iglesias. The cover will represent a buffalo with a ponytail that plays the violin, an allegory of the society we live in.

Our music is a way to protest what our society has become. A new Woodstock is needed but we have no Vietnam war to fight against. Being socially engaged doesn’t mean we don’t love having a good time, far from it. Having a good drink and chatting with friends for hours while discussing ideas and debating is something we love to do when there are no rehearsals.

When touring the world from Uganda to Poland and North Korea, we have been in contact with new cultures and ideas that have definitely enriched our lives and our way of seeing things.

Being aware that the world is bigger than Texas has made a huge difference for us. It has broadened our horizons and expanded our possibilities.

It’s funny how a short time going from country to country can change the way you see things. In any case, we would love to have you with us next time we play somewhere, whether it’s here in the US or abroad.

Let us give you some musical pleasure, we have fine-tuned all our songs and now it’s even better than before. Pure pleasure and great jams that will make you dance all night. Put your shiny shoes on and your disco outfit for us!

If you want to know more who we are check out the bios page.